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Nurofen’s range of oral and topical pain medication products are designed to provide effective relief from mild pain to moderate discomfort. Choose from tablets, capsules, caplets or even topical gels depending on your preferences and discover the road to fast relief with Nurofen.

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Oral pain medication

Tablets – tested and trusted for years.

The original and trusted Nurofen pain medication tablet is small, easy to swallow and has been trusted for years to provide effective relief from mild pain to moderate pain. Available as;

Capsules – fast relief in liquid form

Nurofen’s range of coated, liquid-filled pain medication capsules are absorbed into the blood stream fast to provide rapid relief. Available in;

Caplets – smooth and streamlined for easy swallowing

Pain medication caplets are designed in an oval shape, to be swallowed with minimal discomfort, with a smooth and streamlined exterior. Available in;

Topical relievers

Topical mild pain relief – soothe your discomfort

For relief at the site of pain, choose from Nurofen’s range of effective topical pain relievers.


Do not use if you have a stomach ulcer.

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