Nurofen Specific-Pain range in New Zealand
December 23, 2015

Nurofen has been working closely with the New Zealand Commerce Commission (NZCC) and is pleased to have reached an agreement to include additional information on Nurofen specific-pain packaging. These changes will not impact availability and Nurofen specific-pain products will remain on shelf with the additional information introduced over the next three months.

Nurofen specific-pain products were launched to help consumers with the navigation of pain-relief options in the grocery environment where the support of a healthcare professional is limited. Nurofen NZ takes this matter seriously and regrets that its packaging may have been misleading, as this was never the intention.

The Nurofen pain-specific range differs in clinical performance (see below) from standard ibuprofen. The specific-pain range contains 342mg ibuprofen lysine which is more soluble and absorbed more quickly in the bloodstream than standard ibuprofen (acid). The Nurofen specific-pain range in New Zealand includes Nurofen Migraine Pain, Nurofen Period Pain and Nurofen Back Pain. The additional information will make it clearer for consumers to understand that each product is equally effective in the treatment of other forms of pain.

Safety is paramount and Nurofen welcomes this step to ensure consumers use all OTC analgesics appropriately.

Background information:

Different OTC actives and different formulations have different success rates. A recent overview of data on OTC analgesics for acute pain from world-renowned independent Cochrane reviews (1) show clear differences in the performance of OTC pain relief products.

1Moore RA, Wiffen PJ, Derry S, Maguire T, Roy YM, Tyrrell L. Nov 4 2015. Non-prescription (OTC) oral analgesics for acute pain – an overview of Cochrane reviews (Review). Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 11:CD010794.