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The recommended dose of Nurofen for Children varies depending on the weight of your child.
Our Dosing Guide will help you to determine the right dose for your child’s age and weight.


This article is for general information only and not intended as a substitute for medical advice. All information presented on these web pages is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. In all health-related matters, always consult your healthcare professional.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. Incorrect use could be harmful. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Do not use if you have a stomach ulcer. Do not give to babies under 3 months of age. Seek medical advice for children under 12 months of age. Reckitt Benckiser, Auckland. TAPS-NA12948. RB-M-35813.

Nurofen For Children StrawberryStarts to get to work in 15 minutes to relieve fever
Nurofen For Children Orange 200mlStarts to get to work in 15 minutes to relieve fever
NUROFEN FOR CHILDREN 7+ YEARS PAIN & FEVER RELIEF CHEWABLE CAPSULESNurofen for Children Soft Chewable Capsules provides temporary relief of mild to moderate pain