Charging & Batteries

How do I know if the Monitor is fully charged on the Base Station?

Pair the Monitor with your smart device and check the on-screen monitor battery life indicator.

What is the battery life of the Monitor?

For a fully charged temperature Monitor the duration of continuous battery life is 20 days before a recharge required.

How do I clean the Monitor without damaging it?

If the Monitor requires cleaning use an alcohol wipe on both sides. If the Base Station requires cleaning use a dry cloth. The Monitor is IP25 rated (splash proof) but do not submerge the monitor in water. The Base Station is IP21 rated (protected against condensation or dripping water vertically).

Can the batteries overheat?

The circuit design in the Monitor and Base Station will not  allow overcharging, therefore no overheating batteries.

Do I need full battery life on my phone when using FeverSmart™?

Bluetooth® communication consumes battery, ensure your phone is sufficiently charged to stay powered through the use period, or plug it in when in use.