How will my information and my child's information be stored?

The data coming from the monitor is stored on a secure cloud-based database. It is sent to the database encrypted via a secure internet connection.

How do I access and/or change my account information (i.e.- Password etc.)

How do I access and/or change my account information (i.e.- Password etc.)

On the Login screen you have the option to retrieve your Password via the Forgotten Password link. Your Account information can be changed under Settings then My Account.

Where can I find the privacy policy/statement?

Where can I find the Privacy Policy/Statement?

This can be found in the app, in Settings menu, then click on Support.

How long will the data be kept? Will it remain confidential?

The data will kept for 18 months so you can see your historical data to that point. After 18 months all personally identifiable data will be destroyed.

How do I delete the data you have stored?

To delete data for a specific temperature session go to your child's profile, select "History" and delete the entries. Or you can delete your account in the "settings" section of the app, then click on "my account" and scroll down and click delete.

What will you do with my data?

All data will be stored securely in a cloud based server. We will use aggregated data for internal reports. If you give permission to receive communication from FeverSmart, we will use the data to send personalised emails and push notifications. Please find more information in our Privacy Policy.