How do I put the Monitor on my child without them noticing?

As per the Instructions booklet, add the adhesive to the monitor and carefully place it with the metal sensor in the armpit. Dressing your child with a thin layer of clothing will reduce the likelihood of the child noticing / wanting to remove the monitor.

How do I attach the Monitor to my child?

Go to the settings menu, click on 'support' then 'user manual' to see guidance how to apply the monitor.

Can I use the Monitor on both armpits, is there a difference in temperature in the two arms?

The Monitor can be applied to either armpit but should then be left in place with continuous contact to the skin (not switched to the other armpit which will interfere with the reading and may re-necessitate a warm-up phase). The Monitor should only be used on unbroken skin and not where there is any redness, swelling, soreness, infection, wound, rash, eczema or other skin irritation or excessive skin thinning.

Is the Monitor waterproof?

The Monitor is IP25 rated (able to withstand low pressure waterjets) but do not submerge the Monitor in water. The Monitor should be removed for bath and shower. If the Monitor requires cleaning use an alcohol wipe on both sides.

How do I ensure the Monitor is in the right place?

Follow the guide in the app which is shown once you have connected the Monitor. It is vital that the small gold temperature sensor is in your child's armpit.

How does this product help children who have a fever?

This product is intended for the non-urgent ambulatory continuous armpit body temperature monitoring. It provides continuous temperature readings and sends information, including alerts, to parents via wireless technology to enable temperature recordings to be measured day and night. The monitoring system indicates whether your child's temperature is low, normal, moderate or high. Combining temperature information with other signs and symptoms can assist healthcare professionals in the management of fever. The temperature monitoring device is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease and does not replace the advice of a healthcare professional. RB disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information.

For how long can I use one adhesive patch before it needs to be replaced?

It is recommended that the adhesive patch is applied to a cleaned, dry armpit and is replaced every 24 hours, although it can be replaced sooner should the user require for comfort reasons.

Should I be worried if my child's temperature is constantly changing throughout the day?

For any questions relating to fever/temperature, please consult your Healthcare Professional directly. 

Should I be worried if my child's temperature is high?

For any questions relating to fever/temperature, please consult your Health Care Professional directly. 

Can I stick the Monitor anywhere else on the body?

No - this Monitor is specifically designed to work in the armpit region with the metal sensor closest to the armpit. Placing the Monitor elsewhere will invalidate its accuracy. Please follow the instructions for use in full.

When my kids have a fever they get quite sweaty, will the adhesion of the patch be affected?

The adhesive is silicone based to be gentle on a child's skin. Silicone adhesive (like most adhesive plasters) performance will be impaired by excessive moisture. Ensure the armpit area is clean and dry before applying the Monitor.

Do I need to calibrate the Monitor before use?

The FeverSmart™ temperature monitor is already calibrated although does have a warm-up period. The product contains no serviceable parts. Any form of modification to this device is forbidden.

How long can the device stay on my child?

The pack comes with enough adhesive strips for a maximum of 4 days of continuous 24 hour monitoring. However, additional adhesive strips are available for purchase. The battery lasts for approximately 7 days between charges under normal use.