Keep it light

It’s tempting to wrap your child in warm clothes or put extra blankets on their bed when you know they’re ill, however dressing them in lightweight clothing and using lighter bedding is actually a better practice. Their room should also be kept at normal temperature.

Lots of fluids

Children with a fever should be given plenty of fluids to drink, in little amounts and often. This helps cool them down and helps replace fluids lost through sweating. Encourage them to have water as this is best, but breasted babies can be given breastmilk.

Help is at hand

Like any parent, you don’t want to see your child suffer with pain or fever. When your child’s fever is making them uncomfortable, you can give them Nurofen for Children. Nurofen for Children liquid suspensions are pleasant tasting, sugar free liquids and are suitable for children over 3 months of age. It starts to reduce fever from 15 minutes^ and lasts up for up to 8 hours*, helping give you and your family a good night’s rest.

Remember, fever in children is normal and most only last 3 to 4 days. If there’s any reason you’re worried at all, be sure to see your doctor for advice.

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