The first tooth is such an exciting time in your child’s development. But sadly, teething can be a terrible time for babies and parents. If you can imagine the pain we go through with our adult teeth – imagine how painful teething is for tiny gums? Nurofen’s dedicated children’s range, Nurofen for Children, can help provide very welcome relief for miserable mouths.

What is teething?

When your baby reaches around 6 months old, brand new teeth start to push their way through the gums. Symptoms that your child has begun teething include;

  • Flushed cheeks
  • Sensitive, red gums
  • Dribbling and drooling
  • Chewing and rubbing the gums
  • Crying
  • Restless nights
  • Refusing food

What can you do to help ease teething pains?

Teething pain can be relieved with Nurofen for Children which contains ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory which helps reduce painful swelling. You can also relieve your baby’s teething by rubbing sore gums with Bonjela teething gel, or even letting your baby bite on a sterilised, cold teething ring.

If your child is unwell or feverish, you should speak to your doctor.

Nurofen for Children products for child pain and fever relief:

Do not use if you have a stomach ulcer.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. Incorrect use could be harmful.
If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Do not give to babies under 3 months. Seek medical advice for children less than 1 year.

All information presented on these web pages is not meant to diagnose or
prescribe. In all health related matters please contact your doctor.